If you are one of those who enters a store and wants to take all the things that are there, then check out these 17 rules for going shopping. You will end up following more than one, choosing what you like the most and surely saving a little money.

1- Buy basic clothes

Surely it happens to you that you enter a store and there are many things that you choose before a white blouse or a black jacket, but before buying anything else, make sure you have in your closet all those clothes that are basic for any occasion. Check out our article on 8 BASIC GARMENTS THAT YOU MUST HAVE IN YOUR WARDROBE, so you won't miss any.> http://bit.ly/8prendasbasicasblog 

2- Find what you need

Before going shopping, check your clothes and your drawers to know what you need to buy or renew, so you already have in mind what you are going to look for in the stores and you focus on that, of course, if you see something you like, it never hurts to see if you can buy it.

3- Each garment must have 3 different outfits

If you go to a store and see a piece of clothing that you love, but you are not sure whether to buy it or not, then think of three different outfits that you could create with it. Doing that you will be able to realize if you are really going to use it or it is only a temporary whim.

4- You should not have two similar clothes

It has happened to all of us that we always like things that are similar, that means that your tastes are super defined, so be careful not to buy clothes that look like or are different from something you already have.

5- Think before you buy something

Stores offer us a wide range of styles and sometimes it can happen that we like something that we are not used to wearing, so before buying it really think about whether you will wear it or just love it by sight. Make sure it goes with your style.

6- Buy on sales

All the stores have sales when the seasons change, the most important are the winter and summer ones, so when the dates approach, have your little pig ready and go to the store beforehand so that you know what you want to buy when the sales start. You will save a lot of money!

7- Manage your money

When we go shopping we always have a budget to spend, so manage your money and don't spend it only on one thing, when you had planned to buy several clothes.

8- Do not buy clothes that are not your size

If you go to a store and find what you were looking for or something you loved, but there is no one in your size, then do not buy it! Most of the time when we do that we end up wearing it once or twice, but then we don't wear it anymore because it's too big or too small for us, so just think it wasn't meant for you and you'll find something else.

9- Go with time

Going out shopping is not a race, so if you are going to do it, make sure you have enough time to be able to see all the stores you want calmly. This does not mean that you spend years watching and make the people who accompany you despair.

10- Go with someone who can really help you

The perfect shopping companion can make shopping super fun and fast. Try to go with someone who has the patience to wait for you while you see and try on your clothes, and who isn't afraid to tell you what they think of how things look on you.

11- Do not buy just to buy

There are times that our humor makes nothing in the store look pretty to us and we spend hours seeing each store that makes us desperate not to buy anything, but don't buy just to buy. If there's nothing you liked, go get an ice cream and then go home, so you don't end up with something you'll never wear.

12- Always try things on

There are days when the stores are clogged with people and getting in line to enter the dressing room means spending half an hour in line, but we recommend that you do so because sometimes the clothes that look good on the hanger don't look good when you put them on. tests or not is for your body type and vice versa. You can ask your companion to be formed in what you see the clothes.

13- If you are not 100% sure, do not take it

When you have doubts about whether or not to buy a garment, think about whether you are really going to use it or not, when something does not convince you 100%, it is usually because you do not love it.

14- Do not go shopping hungry or tired

When you go shopping and you start to feel hungry or sleepy, you start to see in a bad mood and that can affect your choice decisions. Try not to do it and better plan your shopping day well.

15- Compare prices

When you don't buy the first thing you see and check all the stores first, you have the opportunity to compare prices and quality from one store to another. So you may save money and have a product that will last much longer.


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