Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance not only for health, but also for the development of our body day by day. For that reason today, we will give you 4 tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle .

1) Hydrate

We know they always say it, but staying hydrated is essential to leading a healthy life. Drink water with every meal and between meals, especially in the case of children and the elderly.


woman drinking water

2) Practice meditation, relaxation and stretching exercises

This advice is an excellent opportunity to perform a low-intensity activity, this contributes to adequate rest and emotional balance . Which we usually need to give us a break from our daily routine.


man meditating

3) Eat plant-based foods

Try not to exceed 3 or 4 servings of meat per week and prioritize white and lean meats such as chicken or turkey . This also incorporating vegetables, cereals, tubers, legumes and others as part of your diet .

vegetarian food

Woman preparing her dinner

4) Sleep 8 hours a day

Sleeping the right hours is essential for your health . Not getting enough sleep affects your cognitive and immune system, for that reason you should sleep 8 hours a day and take care of your body . It is recommended to sleep at the same time and in a quiet environment.

sleeping woman

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