Chances are, you already know what your dream job is and you're working toward it. But getting there won't be easy! Beyond the difficulties of advancing in your professional career, in the end it is not you who has the key to the door to that dream job , the headhunters or those responsible for the Human Resources sector have it.

So how do you get them to notice you?

The first thing you should highlight in your resume is your purpose

According to experts, one of the most appreciated skills among aspirants is that they have found and maintained a purpose . In this way you show that you have internalized the needs of the company to obtain benefits. But it is not just about having an intention of economic benefits but about authentic leadership, fidelity to its values and, above all, courage when making decisions.

Second, highlight the ability to inspire

Another of the most considered skills is the ability to inspire the team. The most valued employees are those willing to learn and teach . In addition to wanting your work to contribute to your professional career, it is also important to know how to recruit and manage the talent of your co-workers.

Third, monitor your activity on social media

Although many times you are warned against it, the key is not to eliminate social networks, but to know how to use them. Not having a presence on social networks is a serious communication error because for headhunters they are the place to understand, know better and consider a person as the "Ideal Candidate".

Be sure to include in your resume the social network profiles in which you convey your interests through a planned, coherent and strategic speech.

Finally, highlight your circle of contacts

A wide network of contacts is vital to get in the sights of a headhunter. Who do you know, who is in your network of contacts? If you think someone in the industry you are interested in could serve as a reference, be sure to include them on your resume. In this way you communicate to whoever is considering you as a possible candidate, that not only do you rub shoulders with said character but that they could also recommend you.

And do not forget…

Your image is a fundamental piece, project yourself with a solid and inspiring personal image.

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