For a look to look good, it is important to take care of each garment that we have in our closet. Our garments need attention and care so that they can last, that is why today we will give you 4 tips that you must follow to give them the attention they deserve.

Keep your closet clean and tidy

We recommend cleaning at least 2 times a month, especially due to humidity, which is a factor that affects clothes . Try to keep it organized according to your needs and the type of material of each garment , remember that not all of them can be folded.

clean closet

clean closet

tidy closet

Read the washing label

We know that many of us do not, but it is vitally important to read the labels before washing. This will help protect the color and texture of the garment. One of the most important points is to keep in mind the temperature of the water.

washing label

Example of a washing label


freshly washed clothes

Take care of your leather garments

One of the most delicate garments , avoid folding it, as it could cause your garment to deform. It is always dry cleaned, with a special product for this purpose and a dry sponge. We also recommend you spread moisturizer every so often.

leather jacket

Beige Charis Jacket

leather jacket

Beige Charis Jacket

Hang your garments correctly

Prioritize the use of the clothesline over the dryer, when hanging, look for the folds of the clothes to place the hooks. Also remember that direct sunlight does not favor colored garments, especially dark ones.

hanging garments

hanging clothes

hanging garments

Woman hanging clothes


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