In winter our only purpose is to stay warm and we sometimes put style aside. Most women think that it is more complicated to have style in winter and, suddenly, it is the lack of motivation in front of the wardrobe! That is why we leave you these tips so as not to leave your elegance for later and take action now .

1. Invest in winter essentials

The essentials of the wardrobe are those basic garments that help you create thousands of looks. In winter there are also items that are essential such as a coat, a sweater, a scarf or whatever you think is essential for you this season.

Investing buying these good quality garments will guarantee you many winters warm with a lot of style since being of good quality and good materials will last a long time in your wardrobe if you take care of them. Try not to let yourself be tempted by the "cheap", you will also have to renew all this a year later.

2. Mix fabrics to dress well in winter

If you want to have style, you have to mix your fabrics with each other. You can, for example, associate your knitted tops with a leather or jean bottom , add a touch of “faux flur” or complement your looks with metallic accessories to make your look look more produced .

3. Use accessories to keep you warm

If you are very cold, there are many alternatives such as hats, scarves and gloves that will help you to be warmer and complement your look. Play combining colors and textures according to your style.

4.You can also wear dresses in winter

Yes! Even if it seems crazy to you, there are many ways to wear a dress in winter, one option can be using tights or high boots, but you can also wear yarn dresses like the ones you can find in the new Moixx collection, which are super warm like a sweater. They will make you look very stylish and you will be comfortable

5. Play monochrome in winter to lengthen and stylize your silhouette

The risk in winter is to enlarge and shorten the silhouette with the thickness of the clothing. To counteract the volume effect inherent in winter materials, it is wise to opt for monochrome (or “near monochrome”) to refine the silhouette by optical effect and gain style.


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