April 's weather changes have us not knowing what to wear every day! Luckily, the New Moixx Collection has the essential basics and the latest trends to continue dressing chic, feel confident and enjoy your day-to-day activities. We share 5 new fashion trends that you should have in your closet this season:  

1. Vests:  


This month, you will see vests everywhere! They are the most versatile piece for this fall season and will be very easy to combine, especially if they are in a neutral color, such as white, black or beige. A blazer-type vest will become your new favorite garment since you can wear it with undergarments for a more classic look or as a top for a more risky and elegant look. Do you already have yours?  

2. Asymmetrical cuts:  


This season, among the most used garments will be the tops with asymmetrical cuts. It's a fun, unique and cool way to elevate a staple. By having an interesting cut, this common garment will become the main piece in your look, without having to work so hard and maintaining elegance in each outfit. If you feel that you still can't find a basic piece in your closet that will serve you for every occasion, you can find a novel option in asymmetric cuts.  

3. Comfy sets  


This month, we continue to prioritize comfort, but without losing versatility. That is why the sets that can be used both to be comfortable at home and to go out to meetings or the street will be a must. have in April . The incredible thing about the sets is that you can combine it with other clothes in your wardrobe and depending on the accessories you put on it, you can turn a basic outfit into a much more organized and perfect one for every occasion.  

4. Satin blouses  


If you are one of those who likes to dress in classic clothes and feel unique, this trend is for you! Satin blouses stand out for their elegance and delicacy, which makes them an ideal garment for formal situations or when you want to add a different texture to your looks. It is for these and many more reasons that having a satin blouse will be ideal if you are looking to explore a trend that combines with the clothes you already have in your closet.  

5. Scarves:  


Scarves will never go out of style, and this month, we will see them stand out in achromatic or monochromatic looks, in combinations of textures and in many classic outfits. This piece is ideal in your closet because you can use it in many ways: as a top, tied to your bag, around your neck, as a bracelet, as a headband and much more. Do not miss one, this season!  

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