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1. It is an act of self-respect:  

There is no better way than to show affection, understanding and respect for yourself, than by making yourself a priority. We know that working on self-esteem is not linear and you will surely have many ups and downs; But what we can assure you is that by setting limits and taking control of this date , you will be able to feel a lot of self-love this Valentine's Day.  

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2. You will do what you really want:  

Do you want to go out for Valentine's Day? Do you want to stay in bed watching movies ? You decide that! Putting yourself as a priority, you will be the only one to choose your Valentine's plan, which will ensure you spend a calm, beautiful day full of activities that you love. Sometimes, it is important to be a little selfish with what we want and we believe that this time is ideal to get to know you better.  

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3. The best company is you:  

The reality is that there is no one who does not know you more to you , that you And if there is one thing for sure, it is that sometimes it is better to be alone than in bad company , so If you feel that you still do not know yourself well enough, this day is the perfect occasion. Remember, do not let yourself be pressured by Social Networks and feel that you should spend this day like in the movies , surely more people than you imagine prefer a Valentine without expectations.  

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4. You will have a day without pressure:  

As well? Well, if you take the above points into account, in the end you will have a day in which you become the center of attention in your life: No more thinking about work, No more comparing yourself with other people and no more leaving yourself . At the last. You are a valuable person who deserves to have a day without worries , treat yourself.  

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5. You will choose your gift :  

That's how it is! By having you as a priority on this date, you will only spend money on yourself, so you can save that money that you surely thought to spend in another way and smug you It 's Valentine's Day, give yourself what you've always wanted and that you've never decided to buy because of all the excuses you made, it's the ideal date to pamper yourself in your own way .  

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