Valentine's Day is one of the most important dates in the world calendar and everyone enjoys it in different ways, whether as a couple, alone, with friends, children, or by sharing a photo on Instagram that frames the date.

This is how the most famous celebs spent this date:

The most famous couple in Hollywood shared a photo giving each other a very romantic kiss on Instagram and they were also seen dining at an exclusive NYC restaurant with matching looks

Meanwhile, her sister celebrated in style with her boyfriend, the rapper Tyga, in a skyscraper in the Big Apple, wearing a jacket with a very Valentine's style.

The most admired and cool couple in the United States shared a very romantic and original photo of their Valentine's Day Vacation on a beach, without a doubt it shows that they are taking a well-deserved rest after passing through the White House

The model Gigi Hadid published a selfie with affectionate demonstrations with her boyfriend Zayn Malik and also walked through the streets of NYC wearing a T-shirt illustrated with the singer's face

Jlo received many flowers and shared them with her fans on Instagram. How envious!

Tom Brady relived a very romantic moment from the Super Bowl with his partner, the model Gisele Bunchen and her daughter. What a beautiful family!

Mexican actress Salma Hayek celebrated Valentine's Day with her favorite person by having breakfast at sunrise above the clouds in a balloon... I want too!


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