Here we leave you recommendations to make the most of these days at home, recommendations for those who are going to start working or take online classes and ideas on how to spend time doing productive things.

Take care, stay home, eat healthy and wash your hands.
We like them.

1. Make a list of things that you would like to have time to do and choose which day you will do each of them.

2. If you are working or taking classes from home, choose a work schedule and stick to it. Choose a workplace (other than your bed) so that your brain associates that this is when you should work. Take off your pajamas, you will feel more productive. If you want to see more tips for working from home, check out our latest blog (Click HERE )

3. Have meetings by video call with your friends together eating or having a coffee.

4. Don't forget to keep bathing, washing your hands and taking your vitamins.

5. Check how your family is doing, now is the perfect time to talk to them on the phone.

6. Cook something that you are not very used to preparing, play music, get artistic, order your room, remodel your space, read, water your plants and above all, learn to spend time with yourself.

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