Spring arrives and the floral print becomes a space among fashion trends.

Although it may seem classic, the reality is that new proposals always arise to wear it and look different.

“Thinking of floral prints takes you back to that scene in the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada' where the influential fashion empress Miranda Presley says, 'Floral for spring? Groundbreaking!'.

At that moment one wonders the same thing, will it be innovative to wear floral prints? Well, yes, although spring arrives, creatives in the industry are always looking for ways to make us fall in love with innovative prints.


Instead of adding flowers as an accent here and there, go all out and choose a maxi dress or jumpsuit in the pattern.

It's flashy and intense, but in a classy, ​​non-overwhelming way.


If you're going to use flowers for impact, bow all the way. And what better way than with a bold suit?

If you only have a floral outfit part, let your floral piece stand out by pairing it with a totally neutral ensemble.

For example, if you have a pair of floral shorts, pair them with a white or gray top and simply accessorize with a leather satchel.


If you're getting bored of your floral prints in your wardrobe, shake things up by choosing the print in a bold new color palette.

Instead of going for delicate white patterns or dark green tropical prints, go for a bright shade of caramel.

It gives the pattern a fresh touch and adds a lot of personality to your look.


Make your floral prints exciting again by breaking them out of your usual routine and focusing on combining them with new textures, or the same print with a different texture.

Do you have floral pants? Combine them with a crochet blouse or a lace blouse.

Playing with a floral skirt? Try pairing it with a suede blouse or sheer blouse.

The new textures will make it feel like you're playing with a new piece because each combo will make a radically different style statement.


If you are not a lover of large prints, you can select others with small flowers whose trend finds its inspiration in the "ditsy praire".

That it is simply a repetitive art of wild flowers that go in harmony with colorful backgrounds, but are more predominant on dark backgrounds.

It's that connection to the dresses you once wore as a child when you played cups and tea time.


Add just a touch of flowers by tying it around your neck or draping it over a dress in the form of a summer scarf.

It's just a subtle pop, but it will add a good amount of color and pattern.

Do you have a simple outfit? Go out in jeans and a t-shirt, or a neutral-colored dress or skirt? Amp up the wow factor by dressing in a floral garment, instantly adding a great touch of print and style.

Find these floral garments and more in our new season preview ♥


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