Bodysuits are that bold, feminine look that brings the summer heat. Chameleonic and essential garment to have in your wardrobe and that you can wear on any occasion this season.

The best thing about this garment is that, contrary to what many believe, they are not only suitable and exclusive for tall women, but, thanks to their flow and ease, we can all wear them!

Do you want to know how to combine your jumpsuits? We tell you here

  1. Recognize the shape of your body.

Every woman's body is different and the fit of clothing can enhance the body shape. Knowing the body parts you'd like to highlight can help you find the most flattering jumpsuit for your body.

  1. Consider the color and pattern.

Just as body shape, style, and fabric can affect how a jumpsuit looks, so will color and pattern. Choose a color and fabric that are optimal for the occasion of use of the garment and thus the jumpsuit will look better.

  • Wear simple, small prints or a solid, light color if you have a smaller frame.

  • Try bolder prints or larger floral prints if you have a curvier body. You can also use solid colors.

  • Consider your skin tone when you know what colors and patterns might work best for you. (You can ask your closest friends for advice and let them tell you which colors suit you best)

  1. Look for complementary accessories.

Adding accessories to the jumpsuit will give the outfit some extra sparkle or pizzazz. Wear jewelry, a belt, or carry a bag to complete the look.

  • Pair a necklace with a simple, solid jumpsuit and let that be the focus of the outfit.
  • Wear a larger bag to balance out the look of the jumpsuit
  • Pair solid colors with patterned dresses and try patterned bags with solid dresses.

A MoixxTip? If you want your garment not to look so loose, you can mark the waist to fit the jumpsuit. You will achieve it with a thin belt or with a bow.

When should I wear a jumpsuit?

- For a formal event:

- For an office day:

If you want to find more inspiration, you can see ideas of complete looks on our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook networks and see some combinations of accessories. We are sure you will like them!

Source: LOOKEA

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