On January 28, the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival begins. For the Chinese, the new year will bring changes and will be very prosperous for those who know how to adapt, since it will be the YEAR OF THE ROOSTER.

2017 will be the year of the Rooster According to the Chinese, the new year will have the characteristics of the animal, so it will be a successful year for the most hardworking, those who get up early with the rooster crowing.


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The rat moves nimbly in the shadows, but the rooster does not like the evening. It is time for the rat to stop for a moment in the race and not repeat the same mistakes. It must be transparent, cooperate with others and build alliances in broad daylight.


The worst year for the tiger is over, and the rooster has come to get him out of hiding. It is a year of recovery and improvement, although it depends more on your own will and quick actions. Your alert mind will guide you to the top. It's time to jump, leave the lair and not return to it.


Time to go back to hiding because the rooster, your worst enemy, will rule this year. The modesty of the rabbit annoys the ostentatious rooster. To save yourself, you must bring to light your best weapons such as generosity, kindness, calm, discretion, sensitivity and, above all, prudence.


With an agile mind and passion for the race, the horse has no limits, which scares the rooster. In the Year of the Rooster, the horse must act with tact, prudence, subtlety, and measuring each step. You must reserve your energies, control your impulses and choose your battles carefully.


For the pig it will be a much more stable year than the previous one. The Year of the Monkey had him jumpy and from branch to branch, while the rooster barely gets him up at dawn. Both situations are not pleasant for the pig, but it quickly adapts to changes.


The bad times are over and now all that remains is to sit down and rest. In the Year of the Rooster, the ox must start a new life taking advantage of the winds that blow in favor. It is harvest time, collect the fruits and share them. This year, opportunities hang from the trees.


The Year of the Rooster allows the dragon to stand back, rest in the clouds and rise with the sun. It's time to see new opportunities, fly across the mountains and start again. He is a lucky animal when he recognizes that his fortune lies in doing good for others.


This year, the snake regains its freedom although it is still coiled up on itself. You can shed your skin and start a new life in a safe environment. It is a propitious time to start projects that require planning, concentration and great intuition, innate qualities of the snake.


The goat adapts to changes, manages resilience and is not afraid of a new dawn. But he is also extremely sensitive, lives on his fantasies and easily loses his balance. It is a year that closes a circle and demands physical and spiritual strength.


The dog and the rooster are not tolerated. In the Year of the Rooster, the dog is the victim of unfounded rumors and accusations, so it must run very fast to escape and avoid provocations. The alert mind will guard you from predators.

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