Starting the year on the right foot is what many girls are looking for when January 1 arrives. To be a more successful woman this year you are going to need a few things. This is a list that we designed for you, to start as a more successful and happy woman this 2019.


Having your things more organized will help you see everything more clearly and will inspire you. We advise you to carry an agenda or notebook where you can write down all your pending tasks, also having your spaces organized will help your mind to be clear and all your creativity to flow. Find here our January planner and calendar to download >

A list of wishes and goals

A list of wishes and goals is the main point, because to be a successful woman you need concrete goals. Instead of throwing 12 wishes into the air this New Year, better make a list of wishes and goals that you can cross off throughout the year. Also, you can carry this small list in your wallet, you will see how it will help you get what you want in a simpler way .

good investments

Stop thinking like an ordinary girl, be in control of your money this year. Avoid debt at all costs and invest your money in something that can produce more money. That is, that extra they gave you, save it (save it or invest it) and maybe in a few months you can start paying for an apartment or your car. Or, with that money you can make cakes or cookies to sell and earn something extra. Be an entrepreneur. Although it takes time to see the money, in the end the result is much greater than what you invested . That way you know it's worth keeping the money.

Renew your wardrobe

Success is accompanied by the image we project, it is very important to project with our image what we want to become, remember "YOU CAN GET WHAT YOU WANT IF YOU DRESS FOR IT"

Find in MOIXX thousands of looks that you will love

more trips

Did you know that trips are also investments in yourself? traveling opens your mind and connects you with more people . A successful woman knows that there is nothing better than human connections. Always be kind to others, you never know if one day you will need them.

Exercise and good nutrition

There is nothing better than exercising and eating well. Of course it is one of the many goals that many girls do not carry out, but if you are going to be a more successful woman than last year you will have to do it. Wear a healthier life leads you to live fully, with better health and mood . Start now, believe me you will not regret it.

Finally, we recommend spending more time in contact with human beings. Lately we all spend more time with the cell phone in hand, than having a real conversation. Start to make a difference human contact calms the mind and gives you more and better experiences.



    Moixx, Gracias por los consejos, que bueno que este blog lo enviaron a mi correo.

    January 04, 2019

  • Jessika said:

    Gracias Moixx por los consejos, siempre es bueno que te lo recuerden pero esta vex me hiciste replantear muchas observaciones que tenia en mente! Respecto a invertir y ver mi propio negocio! Muy pronto tendrás competencia 😁✌️🙏 jajaaja

    January 02, 2019

  • Patricia said:

    Excelente información que nos brinda Moixx,que aparte de brindarnos linda ropa nos brinda estos consejos para a mpliar nuestros conocimientos y llegar a ser.mujeres de exito completas,muchas gracias.

    January 02, 2019

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