Stop! It's time for an active break, you deserve it and here we tell you how.

When you sit all day, your muscles get tight and lose flexibility, which can lead to muscle problems. Most women do not manage the proper posture to work and say "they do not have time to exercise", which has serious consequences for health such as increased stress, back and neck pain. To try to correct this situation, MOIXX gives you some advice.

1. Every 2 hours take a short break of 3 or 5 minutes: if you can leave the office go to the terrace, go up to the roof or leave the building, changing the environment for a while will help you release stress. Also, this is the ideal time to eat something like a fruit, a yogurt, some cookies or a cereal bar.
* If you are very hungry do not eat in front of the computer, it will make you want to eat much faster.

2. To prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (muscle pain in the hand and wrist caused by swelling and inflammation of the tendons and ligaments in the wrist that press on the median nerve), occasionally bring your palms together, interlock fingers, stretch your arms, rotate your wrists towards the screen, put your hands horizontally in front of the screen. This exercise will help you stretch the muscles in your hand and wrist.

3. In this same position, bring your arms to the ceiling and back.

4. Stretch your arms horizontally as if you were crucified with your palms outstretched. You move your arms towards the ceiling and then to the floor. In that same position, move your shoulders back and forth. These exercises will help you stretch and mobilize the scapular area.

5. Wear comfortable clothes; forget the phrase fashion does not bother, it is very important that the clothes you wear allow you to be comfortable. Do not wear very tight pants because they will be the worst enemy for circulation

6. Be very aware of the position of your back and shoulders, try to sit well with a straight back. Every time you remember to check the position of your shoulders they do not have to be elevated, lower them, relax them and move them away from the ears.

7. Contract the stomach and close the ribs, imagine them as an accordion. When you take a breath, the accordion opens, when you exhale the accordion closes and hides your ribs. The navel should be pushed towards the bottom. Try to keep your stomach contracted most of the time.

8. Take care of your eyes, moisturize them with natural tears. For short periods of time look at a fixed point other than the computer screen.

9. Stand up from the chair with your back straight and your feet closed, lower your back and arms to the floor trying to keep your back in a horizontal position, release all the weight of your body.

10. If you have a little money saved, buy yourself a small piece of passive gym equipment that helps you lose weight and tone your stomach muscles. With half an hour a day you will notice the difference.

Make the most of wasted time: while you open a file, print some papers or get the call you're waiting for, stand up from your chair or practice the exercises we've taught you.

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