When we talk about personal style we refer to that characteristic stamp of each person, their way of expressing their personality, lifestyle and tastes. And all this is also evident in what we wear.

But what are the 7 universal styles ?

They are the result of consumer research, carried out by Alyce Parsons (American image consultant) who, based on patterns and behavior, defined the 7 universal styles , the basis of all the styles that have been appearing.

Here we will mention the main characteristics of each one so that you can identify the one that goes with you:

Cafarena Adais Cafarena Adais Guinda

  • Natural style

When we refer to this style there are two fundamental characteristics that define it: simplicity and comfort. This is often worn by confidence-inspiring people who are easy going and relaxed, opting for basic garments, subdued colors and natural fabrics.

Woman with natural style Natural Style Woman

  • Classic style
Do you love to lead, elegance and what your image conveys is very important to you? This is definitely your style, you love classic clothes, you wear very few prints and you opt for straight-cut pieces, suits and accessories or clothes that accentuate your waist.

Black Mayli jumpsuit

Black Mayli Jumpsuit

  • Sophisticated or Elegant Style

This style is derived from the classic , it is the style of lovers of tailoring, straight lines, use strong and more daring colors. A complete girl boss , self-confident and who usually wears very high-end pieces such as branded bags.

Fuchsia Vivian Blouse

  • Romantic style

It is usually worn by people with a sweet and sensitive personality. Without a doubt, this is the most feminine and delicate style of all. They use pieces with pastel colors, with texture, bright colors, they love skirts, they pay a lot of attention to their hair and makeup.

Cafarena Adais Blanca

Cafarena Adais Perla

  • creative style

It is defined by being the most innovative, it is usually worn by risky people who are open to trying new cuts and trends. They use flashy clothes , original combinations, interesting and eccentric accessories . They are considered cool, original and free people.

Creative stylish woman

Creative Style Woman

  • dramatic style

This style is characterized by being the maximum expression of the creative style , being dominant and modern. They are people who always seek to be one step ahead, self-confident and love bright colors and play a lot with fashion.

dramatic style woman

Dramatic Style Woman

  • Seductive Style

People who identify with this style are those who seek attention, are considered seductive and who feel very sure of their body. Garments with lace, leather, transparency and everything that highlights her silhouette are not lacking in her closet.

Women with seductive style

Seductive Style Women

Remember that you can identify with more than one universal style and that there are currently many more that have been born from the mix of these, the new trends that appear and the influences of current fashion and other decades. Did you identify yours?

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