This February 14th, Valentine's Day is celebrated worldwide, a date on which it is customary to share as a couple and make different plans such as going to dinner, movies, eating ice cream and everywhere you breathe romance.

But... what if I'm single? that's not a problem my friend, we can also enjoy this day or simply try to escape from this "romantic atmosphere"

Here are 4 plans you can do on Valentine's Day if you are single.


There is no plan that makes us happier and makes us forget everything than going shopping, we don't care if we are alone or accompanied to do it. Also on these dates the stores are armed with good promotions that we can take advantage of, and if we definitely do not want to leave home and find couples in love, buy from your home in the virtual store


There is definitely no day that a marathon of movies or series cannot save us. Order pizza, prepare popcorn and hit PLAY!


If Valentine's Day is a day to give love, what better than giving it to yourself, although you can make a reservation at a spa or do it at home, look for homemade masks on the internet, put together a playlist with relaxing music and enjoy.


Why boyfriend if I have friends! Surely you will enjoy this day, put together a plan like going to the movies, eating or whatever you like the most. At MOIXX we are raffling off a shopping day with your BF and two beautiful flower arrangements from FLORENTINE, participate and have a very fashionable Valentine's Day!


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2. Tag your best friend in the comments of this photo (facebook), tell her how special she is to you and get ready to have a very Fashionable Valentine's Day
3. The draw will be valid from January 31 to February 12

What plan are you going to make?

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