Without a doubt, the situation we are currently going through has made us destabilize and lose focus a little on our plans and/or purpose for this year. At Moixx we want to help you start a new year with the help of our downloadable planners that will help you organize yourself better, stay focused and meet your goals.


Do you want to create a new habit like playing sports, reading, advancing a personal project? our Habit Tracker will help you keep track of this activity daily and you will feel motivated when you reach your rewards and finally you will be able to create that new habit in your lifestyle.


Create a conscious and healthy eating plan with our Menu Plan . Daily plan your dishes and snacks for the week and we also added a space for you to make your shopping list and not miss any ingredient.


Remember that a goal is made up of small daily actions that we take to achieve them. Our Day Planner will help you to be clear about your tasks, you will be able to organize your schedule in case you have an activity scheduled and you will have a space to add your notes and not forget anything. We recommend you write a maximum of 5 tasks which you are aware that you can accomplish in the day.


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