Girls, taking advantage of the opening of our online store ( ) we wanted to deal with this topic on the blog, because sometimes we are a little scared to buy online or we just don't know how to do it.

Buying online has many advantages and this practice may in the future replace the traditional way of making our purchases. Some of these advantages are:

  1. You don't have to leave the house: put on your most comfortable nightgown, put your hair up in the most messy way possible, don't put on makeup and you're ready to shop! Incredible, isn't it? You don't need to leave the comfort of your home to buy, and you also forget about the traffic, the queues, the entrances and exits to the fitting room....
  2. Exclusive offers: you can find offers that you normally don't find in stores and since you are just a click away, it will be easier to find out about them and you won't miss them. You can also subscribe to the Newsletter so that the offers reach you by email here:
  3. Availability: Does it happen to you that you go shopping and fall in love with something and when you go to ask if there is your size they don't have it? It's the worst!. In the virtual store that is not a problem, you will always find the sizes and colors you want available.

Now that you know what the advantages are, we will give you some TIPS to make your purchases:

1.Check the page:

We recommend that you enter the page from a button or link on the brand's Facebook, so there is no loss that this is the real one.

2. Doubts:

If you have any questions, get in touch through the chat that appears on the page or write an inbox on Facebook.

3. Promotions:

In order not to miss the exclusive promotions of the online store, subscribe to the newsletter- The brands always announce the promotions by that means.

4. Take a good look at the product:

If you pass your mouse over the photo of the product you want to buy, you will zoom in to see its details and make sure of its finishes.

5.Confirm your purchase:

When you have already added your products to the cart, you have filled out the shipping form and then click on accept, the ticket will arrive in your email where your purchase will be detailed and then confirm it. Read the detail carefully and make sure you haven't forgotten something or put something else and that your data is correct.

6.Take advantage of FREE shipping:

For purchases over S/100, shipping is free. So try to make a purchase for that amount or more and if you do not reach the amount, agree with a friend who also wants to buy to take advantage of free shipping.

We hope that with these tips you are ready to buy



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