Hi Girls! I am Angela Prado, communicator, fashion lover and creator of the An.Madame Blog. I have started a collaboration with MOIXX and from today I am going to share my style, outfits, and fashion tips that you can put into practice. My first post coincided with my birthday so I decided to bring you 3 MOIXX outfits , ideal for a special occasion, super comfortable and very à la mode (Oh la la). I'll tell you in detail what I chose and why!!!

1st LOOK:

Like any look that characterizes me, I chose this dress in all white , monochrome, to give it the minimal touch that I love. I chose this outfit because it makes me feel comfortable, practical and elegant. I opted for a bright red accessory to add variety to the style . It's perfect for me to sing "happy birthday to you" with my friends!!

2nd LOOK:

My big day is coming!!! I want my day to be stylish and look interesting with this top and skirt set that has no loses. The sensation when using it is delicious, fresh and full of life due to its colorful prints. Go for some red heels, along with a bag of the same tone and you will see that you will be ultra fashionable . I chose this outfit to go to the cocktail party that I organized in an exclusive hotel where my family and friends will be waiting for me. I'm on my way!!

3rd LOOK:

A white dress is all I need for the night, so this look will be my TOP TOP . I love the freshness and the material of this garment, precise for this summer season. What better idea than combining it with this beautiful necklace with appliqués and pearl tones. To store our things, I take with me this safety pin made of shiny silk. I chose this party style to dance comfortably and walk with ease. So, GO TO THE PARTY!!!

Photos by Angello Benavides
Let's party #MoixxLife
The 3 looks: Moixx

See you this December 17 at MOIXX of MEGAPLAZA LIMA to advise you and give you the best tips for your outfits for these holidays!

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