Hello girls! How are they?

Many always ask me what do I wear to go to work in summer? And I think the key is to choose fresh, loose clothing that has something special. That's why today I wanted to show you this perfect look for all my working girls.

To begin with, I chose these white pants (a MUST in summer) that despite being baggy are still formal and above all very cool.

For the top, I chose a striped off-shoulder blouse, super feminine and elegant at the same time. An important detail is to wear the blouse inside the pants so that the whole outfit looks much more neat and tidy.

As for the accessories, I knew that this look lacked that pop of color that we like so much in summer, so I decided to use a red bag that is very roomy and comfortable to wear.

As for the shoes, I opted for some pointed ballerinas but if you are more into heels, you could also use them with this look.

And that would be for me the perfect outfit to wear to work. Tell me below if you like it. A kiss to all.

Kiara .

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