The days have begun to brighten and the weather is getting warmer. These are the perfect indicators that we are finally experiencing spring. The change of season becomes evident and it is time then to start wearing the garments for this season.

But what do we wear? What's hot? What is appropriate to wear today in the streets?

In this post I show you 3 options, answering these questions, of the perfect trends for spring days!

Layering : Choose a garment with zero sleeves, straps or strapples and add a blouse or polo shirt underneath to create a completely different, daring and very fashionable look.

(Available in stores)

Basics: The basics are not only essential for the whole year, but this season it is a trend to wear these garments together and create more casual looks accompanied by trendy accessories to give it that chic touch.

(Available in stores)

Pink: Pink is in fashion, but not just any of its shades, but pink lavender – pantone color 14-3207 and its derivatives (light, dark, textured) are strong this season, giving softness to all our looks. Combine it with neutral colors so as not to take away its prominence and create a harmonious outfit in every way.

These three super simple and easy trends will make you look radiant this season.

Which is your favorite?

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