Discover the meaning of each color in your outfits and learn how to use it to your advantage.

We are going to share a secret with you: behind each trend color there is a whole world of meanings that you must discover.

Well, in the same way that you decide (or not) to wear a t-shirt with feminist messages, or from a musical band, the colors you choose to dress say a lot about yourself. So since you can reflect your mood and affect the way others perceive you based on the color of your outfit, we have designed a guide to learn how to use it to your advantage.

Red = Confidence

If what you are looking for is to enhance your self-confidence, wear a red outfit and you will be right. That bold and bright touch manages to go from a look to a great look just by adding a garment of this color. So for those days when you need to be assertive, strong and energetic, this color will be your best accessory.


Light blue = Relaxation

It is normal that this color is frequently associated with the sky and water for a feeling of calm and relaxation. But did you know that it also makes you look like someone you can trust? So now you know, if you have a job interview or to meet your in-laws, this color can help you score points. (Surely that's why Melania resorted to wearing this color on Trump's inauguration day, although she didn't have much luck with Michelle )


Yellow = Happiness

Already considered the color of happiness, yellow reflects optimism, warmth and hope. In addition, according to the psychology of color, this tone has the ability to accelerate our pulse. Ideal for those days when you need a little push to smile at life.


When your look is emerald green you will shine. Well, although the common green is a color that we associate with nature, when the hue is more similar to the tone of the gemstone, it conveys wealth and luxury. That is why the mix between the balance and safety of green plus the emerald hue lends itself to making you look like a streetstyle star.

Emerald Green = Safety


Pink (millennial) = Friendly

Although millennial pink can be found in every collection and in every store, the truth is that it is your best ally when it comes to concentrating and listening carefully. In addition to being found in every fashionista's wardrobe right now, the color conveys kindness and love for oneself and others.


White = Balance

Ideal to make a good impression! White is a color that reflects strength, security and neutrality. Why do you think it was the star color in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign? The purest color is the favorite of balanced and optimistic people.


Black = Seductress

If we had to find two synonyms for the color black, it would be elegance and seduction. Wearing black reflects independence so it is ideal for situations in which you have to communicate an image of authority, sophistication and self-confidence.


And what color do you feel today?


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