We present 4 women who fight for their ideals and inspire us to pursue our dreams. Women who decided to make history in Peru and build a better future for all. Did you already know them?

Firefighter: Nathaly Andrea Terrones

Nathaly Terrones for MoixxNathaly Terrones for Moixx

“I believe that the most important thing in this world is to do things from the heart, without receiving any type of remuneration”

Since she was a child, Nathaly knew that she wanted to study medicine, but her passion for helping people motivated her to become a Volunteer Firefighter at the age of 19, a job that complemented her profession and gave her a second home. This is how today Nathaly lives in love with saving lives and helping those who need it most voluntarily, being part of one of the most inspiring and heroic tasks in our country.

Activist: Natalia Barrera Francis

Natalia Barrera FrancisAn Afro-Peruvian Girl

“We have to know our history”

Thanks to a class assignment, Natalia began with the project "An Afro-Peruvian Girl", where she began creating videos, stories and informative content in order to raise awareness and educate thousands of Peruvians about Afro-Peruvian history, a culture that marked our country. and fight against racism in Peru. Natalia is an activist who inspires us to continue fighting for our rights and stop normalizing discriminatory attitudes.  

Entrepreneur: Irma Carrillo

Irma CarrilloMoixx

“You work for dreams”

Born in Huancayo, Irma, founder of Moixx and Now, decided to create a clothing brand that is an inspiration for determined, modern and fighter women, women who feel the same passion as her for making their dreams come true. This is how today, Moixx is one of the Peruvian brands with greater recognition at the national level.  

Singer: Milena Warton

Milena WartonMilena Warton

"Falls are for getting up"

Since she was little, Milena dreamed of what she does today: sing and make our Peruvian roots known, of which she has always been proud. This is how her triumph is due to her perseverance, talent and passion for what she does, a true woman who inspires us to pay attention to our inner child and not get carried away by the comments of others.  

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