1. Blouses and Shirts  

Blouse Charlot de MoixxBlouse from Pinterest

Blouses and shirts are the best garments when putting together a formal and office look! And because? This is because it is the main clothing to put together outfits, thanks to the fact that it is very versatile, so it can be used on many occasions and communicates formality in the simplest way due to the material and delicate cut. Do you also feel that it is a key garment?  

2. Comfortable jumpsuits  

Tania de Moixx jumpsuitJumpsuit from Pinterest

Having at least one jumpsuit to go to the office is a must ! have ! It is the most comfortable, cool and quick garment to choose when you don't have time to choose a look, thanks to how easy it is to combine. It will save you at events, meetings and busy days at work.  

3. Cool blazer  

Kerstin de Moixx blazerPinterest blazer

Over a blouse, shirt, jumpsuit or dress, a blazer that elevates the look and gives a pop of color to the outfit will always look good. It is a garment that formalizes your appearance in the blink of an eye! Do you already have a favorite blazer to wear to work?  

4. Versatile skirts

Summer skirt by Moixxskirt from pinterest

On days of heat and comfort, one only wants to think of work clothes that provide freshness and combine with everything, without leaving formality aside. That is why a skirt will always become your best ally in the office! You will have a feminine and chic look, without trying too hard.  

5. Slim cardigan  

Cardigan Esem de MoixxCardigan from Pinterest

Even though it's summer, some offices are often air-conditioned and the evenings tend to get a bit chilly. That is why a cardigan , preferably slim, will keep you warm when you need it most and will combine with all your looks in the simplest way if you opt for neutral colors.  

What is your favorite outfit to wear to work? We read you!

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