The weekend is approaching and there is nothing better than marathoning a series on our OFF days, especially when it comes to fashion. Looking to get inspired and relax? You cannot miss these series that we are sure you will love.

Next in Fashion

The show hosted by Alexa Chung and Tan France where you can see different fashion designers from around the world compete to win the impressive prize. Unfortunately, it only has one season that you cannot miss and enjoy.

Next in Fashion

Next in Fashion Serial Designer

next in fashion

Alexa Chung and Tan France in Next in Fashion series


Are you a fan of makeup ? This series is for you. Glow up is the talent show where you will see different makeup artists face colorful and rigorous challenges in order to win. You will see important figures in the field on the jury, and it has just released its 4th season . You can't miss this series !


Netflix series Glow Up cover

glow up

Makeup artist in Netflix's Glow up

Girl Boss

The series that tells the story of Sophia Amorusa, the founder of Nasty Gal, successful online store of the category. In the series, the protagonist is called Sophia Marlowe and you will be able to witness her story and how she managed to turn old clothes into articles of desire. This series has a season of 13 chapters that will undoubtedly hook you from start to finish.

girl boss

Sophia in Girl Boss Netflix series

girl boss

Sophia from Girl Boss showing off a second-hand jacket

The Bold Type

This series tells the story of 3 young people who want to grow professionally in the magazine ´Scarlet´. It has four seasons where you will laugh at everything that happens to them and you can be inspired by their looks.

bold type

Starring in Netflix series The Bold Type

The bold type

Cover of the Netflix series The Bold Type


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