This month many trends have emerged that you have probably already heard, but you still don't dare to try ... Do n't worry! Here we leave you 5 Fashion Trends that you will really love and will become one of your favorite clothes in your closet.  

1.Colour pop  

Kerstin blazer - MOIXXpinterest

This month, the color scheme is at its best! The time has come to leave our comfort zone with neutral clothes and leave the fear of combining colors aside, because with this trend, you can combine colors as you wish. The best way to make the combination work is to follow the color wheel: You can start by wearing a monochromatic look , that is, combining clothes that are within the same color family and when you feel more confident, continue combining similar colors. , which refers to totally opposite colors. Do you like this trend?

2. Crossed Wallets  

Ariana Wallet - MOIXXpinterest

The most important trend this year is comfort, and in March , this trend will be attached to bags and wallets , especially those that one carries daily. This month we see how wallets with wide and comfortable straps will be the best complement to your looks. How not to love them? They are very practical for day to day and cover just what is necessary to avoid carrying too much weight.  

3. Puff Sleeves

Moon blouse - MOIXXpinterest

The most romantic trend of the year! Whether in dresses, tops and jumpsuits, puff sleeves will always be a good option for a fresh, casual or formal look, and this is due to the simplicity they have in elevating a look without much effort. Do you already have a garment with these sleeves in your closet? Spoiler alert : You're going to need it.  

4. Long comfortable shorts  

Short Sunny MOIXXpinterest

After spending a lot of time wearing such comfortable clothes at home, comfort has finally become a trend. This is how the comfortable and long shorts have become a must have this month thanks to its versatility and simplicity of combining with other garments that we already have in our closet. The truth is that we love this trend and we know that you cannot miss it! Do you dare to try?  

5. Caps

Camila Cap - MOIXXpinterest

Don't miss a cap this season! Hats will always be the best accessory for 3 simple things: It protects you from the sun, it covers your hair if you feel it necessary and it elevates your looks in the simplest way, which means that it is a good trend that will surely stay for a long time. time, especially if it's a color that never goes out of style. Do you already have your favorite?  

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