If you feel that you are a person who finds it difficult to combine the clothes in your closet or you keep clothes stored because you cannot find the occasion to use them, then putting together a capsule closet will be the best option for you, especially because it is on trend and true to your style. It's easier than you imagine. What is a Capsule Closet? It is a set of basic garments that, by combining them intelligently and creatively, gives you more options when it comes to dressing. Look here 5 clothes you need for your closet:  

1. Basic top on trend

Moixx Merelyn Fuchsia Polo Shirtpinterest

The most basic and easy to combine that you can have in your closet are the simple tops in trendy colors that elevate your look in the simplest and fastest way. The main thing in a capsule closet is that you can combine all the garments with each other, so having a classic top as a base in your outfit, but with some detail that makes it striking or made of a trendy woven fabric , will always be a good option. .

2. Classic Jean:  

Moixx Wide Leg Jeanpinterest

As for jeans, having at least one blue in your closet is the law! It is a garment that can be used for any season of the year and will last you a long time, especially if it does not have cuts or tears in the fabric. Jeans will always be in fashion and will help you combine them with tops, blouses, jackets and sweaters of any color and style. Do you already have a favorite jean?  

3. Black Jumpsuit :  

Jumpsuit Bianca de Moixxpinterest

A black jumpsuit or jumpsuit will be one of the most versatile garments you will have in your wardrobe! You can wear it alone, with a top on top, an open blouse, formally or even for exercise, which means that you can combine it intelligently with many other garments that you already have on hand. Do you already have one? We know you will not regret this purchase.  

4. Bag of a neutral color:  

Moixx Veronika bagpinterest

Any big bag lovers out there? We love these bags that cover everything you need and combine with the outfit you want to wear any day. The good thing about choosing a bag in a neutral color is that it will help you to use it in every change of trend and if it is of the right size, you can use it for many occasions, both formal and day-to-day.  

5. White Shirt  

Moixx Kimy shirtpinterest

White shirts have shown us their versatility and many reasons to be a great trend today: They are fresh, They can be closed, They can be open and with a colored top underneath, They combine with everything, They are suitable for Formal and Informal situations and many more ways to use them. Do you need another reason to have a White Shirt in your wardrobe? Take advantage of these shirts, they will be the best investments for your wallet and daily looks.  

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