Social networks are a daily and common topic of conversation but in recent days they have been more on everyone's lips thanks to the new release of Netflix; " The dilemma of social networks", does not propose something excessively new. It doesn't tell anything that hasn't already been said in other documentaries, series and even movies, but it does so with fewer obstacles and with a very innovative narrative form, which can scare potential viewers," says Vogue magazine.

This documentary leads us to question the role that social networks play in our lives and without a doubt leaves us with a tasteless feeling and wanting to stop the excessive use of these and do a "detox" or detoxification digital.

Here are 5 signs that tell you when you need an urgent social media detox:

1. If you have pain in your wrists, back or neck.

Have you experienced pain in your wrists, hands, back or neck? Take a few moments and close your eyes. Check your whole body as you take 5 deep breaths. Notice if your body is experiencing numbness or pain in places that could be influenced by the use of technology.

two. You feel the constant need to buy things, go on trips and change your life to upload photos to Instagram

Have you felt bad or insecure about yourself after seeing other profiles on your social networks? Have you noticed that you feel jealous, depressed or upset when you look at someone else's profile? Do you feel affected by the opinions, comments and photos when you are browsing? If you're constantly comparing yourself to others instead of feeling inspired, it might be time to reconsider how social media is benefiting or hurting you more than necessary.

3. You spend more than 30 minutes preparing a post

Unless it's a super long post, you're probably overthinking it. Do you feel stressed about posting something using your photo or content on your favorite social network? How does it feel when you can't upload the photo you want for more than 30 days? If you are not posting your real voice instead of spending all your time creating a fake comment? It is time to reflect.

Four. Your personal needs are not being met

How much time a day do you spend on social networks? Could you go a month without using Instagram? Have you neglected other things to be in your favorite social network? Answer honestly.

5. You feel disconnected from the passions of your life

Do social networks make you feel happy, inspired, connected with yourself and maintain important relationships with your loved ones? If not, what would you like to give to your heart and desires so that they could feel connected or alive again?

Now, we give you 4 tips to make this detox easier

1. Allocate hours a day from your agenda to browse your social networks

Set a goal of the hours per day that you want to spend on the use of social networks and divide them during the day: Ex: 20 min in the morning, 20 min at noon and 20 min at night = total 1 hour.

2. Prioritize other activities, hobbies and passions

If you keep yourself busy with other things, surely you will not have time or you will not want to spend a lot of time on your cell phone. Schedule in your day hours dedicated to your favorite hobby, to exercise, to read or what you enjoy doing the most. 

3. Turn off your cell phone notifications

When you receive a notification, the first thing you are going to do is run to see what it is about and you will surely be submerged in your cell phone. You can turn off notifications from apps that are not so important to you or mute whatsapp groups.

4. When you feel anxious or need to use your cell phone..

Use that time to clean up your cell phone, such as deleting photos, deleting apps you don't use, or even stop following profiles that you feel don't help you or cause you anxiety.


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