We share some important information for you to get the most out of your jewelry accessories.

  • You should always have at least one pair of earrings in your bag: in case you forget to put them on or there is an event or meeting and you need to change your look, a pair of earrings makes all the difference.

  • Accessories wash, that's right. There are methods, products and ways to do it for a long duration and sanitization. You can wash it with baking soda or toothpaste.

  • Combining gold and silver is no longer a problem, if you feel comfortable doing it and you like the combination of metals, go for it. It is a trend that has been gaining strength and by making it balanced, balanced it looks great.

  • If the accessories cause burning, itching or redness, it is because you are having an allergic reaction. These reactions, as we have been able to read, may take time to appear, so it may not happen all at once but later. It is recommended to put transparent nail polish in case of earrings and if you still have symptoms, it is better to go to the dermatologist to treat and control the allergy.

  • It is not suitable to add accessories to babies or children. Jewelry often has small pieces that children can put in their mouths and swallow or put up their noses. They won't be able to avoid doing it and you just have to turn your eyes for a second for that to happen.

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