We have reached the last quarter of 2020, ready to start again. But not before knowing what can be in store for you according to your zodiac sign.


The sun will be in Virgo until the 22nd and will make you totally focused on work. It's been a quiet summer in love, but Venus will bring you back into the game from September 7-30. Do not resist because everything indicates that you are going to enjoy it a lot.

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The change of season will bring you very good things in all aspects. Uranus in your sign and Mars in Aries will give you the energy you need to fully trust yourself. Therefore, you will have no problem opening the door to love, business, fun...

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Mercury in Libra will bring your emotions to the fore from September 7 to 27. This could enliven your life and not only in the sentimental field. It will also take you to pamper and indulge in attention with your friends and family. Everyone will be delighted.

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Venus will remain in your sign until the 6th and this will make your charisma skyrocket. It will also come in handy to conquer your future boss. The influence of Mars in Aries will attract success to your career like a magnet, take advantage of it.

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In September you will not give any importance to your current account. Mars in Venus will bring out your passionate side, and you'll likely book a trip (for two) without sparing any expense. A good way to start the most romantic season of the year.

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What better time than your astral season to remove the blindfold? Until the 22nd, you will have the Sun in your sign and it will give you the strength you need to eliminate all the toxicity from your life. Remember that only then can you grow and achieve your goals.

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Your friends will continue to be your priority. But from the 7th to the 30th, Venus, your planet, will send you many loving vibrations. So now you know, even if you're not in the movie 'Casablanca', keep in mind that this could be the beginning of a beautiful and lasting friendship.

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The Sun in Libra will give you a lot of personal introspection from the 23rd to the 30th. On the other hand, Mars in Aries will push you to try or repeat experiences. Write this down: it's time to cross those invisible lines that you have put on yourself.

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Although romanticism has never been your forte (and you know it!), you will feel more sensitive. In addition, you will have libido through the roof. You will not look for anything serious and Mercury will insist that you only have eyes for your work.

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The waters are rough this September. The aggressiveness of Aries, together with the influence of the red planet, will not allow this month to be dyed pink. You will face a serious family conflict and you will have to control yourself so as not to lose your way and hurt yourself.

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These months have served to clarify your ideas and Neptune will bring you sanity when it comes to controlling yourself when you take out your credit card. In addition, the sun in Virgo until the 22nd will make you reflect and immerse yourself (even more) in yourself.

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The boost you need in your professional career is on its way. Uranus in Taurus, the first fortnight of September, will clear all doubts. Follow your instinct because it is wonderful. And apply this advice to matters of the heart as well.

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