Being a Girlboss means empowerment, being your own boss. Not being afraid of wanting to lead, create and direct. Fulfill your dreams no matter what it takes, and fight every day for the life you want so much. For this reason, we share a list with stories of overcoming, brilliant minds and above all motivation. Choose your favorite, take note and get ready to leave your comfort zone!

1. The Creative Brain

How can I enhance my creativity? Am I able to train and increase my creativity? Almost certainly we have all asked ourselves this question at some time. In this documentary, neuroscientist David Egleman explores the creative universe of different profiles of professionals. From actors to writers, even architects, scientists and artists with whom he explores surprising and risky ways to stimulate creativity.

2.Self Made

This miniseries based on true events tells the story of a washerwoman from humble beginnings who became a businesswoman and was the first African-American to become a millionaire. How? Thanks to the cosmetic empire that she founded to take care of the Afro hair of thousands of women like her. A nice story of overcoming to learn not to give up without paying attention to other people's prejudices and the complications that appear on your way to success.


    The story of Michelle Obama and her influence beyond being the First Lady of the great American power. In this documentary, we learn about her humble origins and how they propelled her instead of limiting her. She talks about family conciliation and the resignations that women often have to face. If we could define Michelle Obama by anything, it is by the tireless spirit that she shows to possess. She confesses herself as a non-conformist who will fight until the end of her days to promote others. And of course, there is also room for the love of a couple and other intimate confessions such as the change that "regaining one's own life" means after years at the service of the State.

    4. Brené Brown: Be brave

      Motivate from a sense of humor and with large doses of empathy. This is the secret formula of this writer and professor at the University of Houston who has been studying bravery, vulnerability, shame and empathy for twenty years. In Netflix's "Be brave" we meet again with the protagonist of one of the most listened to TED talks in the world and that is also 100% recommended.

      5. GirlBoss

        Have you dreamed of creating and having a fashion empire? Now it is possible with this series. And it is that the 'online' stores of 'vintage' clothing had their boom and in this story we see to what level they were right. A controversial comedy based on the biography of Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal, who recounts the beginnings of her career in the world of fashion when she was only 22 years old. She is now recognized by Forbes as one of the 400 richest people in America.

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