The infinite love we have for our mother makes the search for her gift an often stressful mission, and of course, we seek to fill them with emotion, however it does not have to be so exhausting, on the contrary, it can turn out to be fun

Fiorela Garavito, image consultant and fashion advisor, suggests that before you start looking for the perfect gift, you analyze the lifestyle of each mother and perhaps a fashion reference, in this way you will have one more reference.

The next step is to make a list of the articles that may be most useful to you, according to these concepts. That is why we have created 6 profiles of mothers that will help you to have a better picture of the situation.


These types of moms are all terrain, they prioritize their comfort without neglecting style and modernity, just as they take risks in daily life to grow their business, they also show such security when dressing, they will prefer a more Comfy style, that allows them to be free, they love basic sneakers and polo shirts with subtle details that are easy to combine.


Super athletic! They are very active women on a day-to-day basis, they like to do things well, quickly, discipline will always be their key word, a good sports outfit, sneakers, a large bag, sports hats and obviously polo shirts would be perfect for them. many poles. Accompanying them in their favorite hobbies is key for her to feel loved.


When she says, "Any little thing would make me happy," she really means, "I hope the gift box doesn't fit through the door." The stay-at-home mom makes that place called "home" a cozy nest. She knows how to welcome like no other and transforms the daily routine into special moments. The ideal is to opt for comfortable clothes, easy to combine and with a lot of style, that are modern and perhaps dark colors, because being at home is the meaning of "stains" so let's avoid that and choose colors that are not so outstanding or light, however we want highlight her figure and that even if she is at home, she is the queen of the moment, a good Jean with a blouse would be perfect, another option would be a jumpsuit or culottes, in bright colors so that she can combine with many polo shirts or blouses.


She is at the rhythm of fashion and trends, always sure of herself and is not afraid of new challenges, she will show it at home, as well as outside, whether with friends, at work or as a couple. That is why she could use a culotte or palazzo very well, whether simple or with design, a blazer that can be combined with everything in her wardrobe, a jumpsuit that highlights her figure, she can even opt for transparencies if so, dresses in trend, blouses totally out of the ordinary but with a lot of style. She will prefer colors that always stand out, as well as new patterns and textures. She will always choose to be a woman who inspires, leads and has a lot of character.


This type of mom is a mix between casual and natural, they will put their comfort in the foreground, comfy fashion is ideal, nothing better than a shirt and obviously, a blue jean, a high-waisted one that not only allows feel comfortable, also that you can combine it with many polo shirts and jackets. They do not use many accessories, they prefer jewelry that is not so ostentatious, because attracting attention is not in their plans, but rather, being comfortable.


Many times the work requires an impeccable, neat and elegant image. We suggest for them basic, quality and timeless garments. What options do we have for her? The classic black dress or black dress, a super gift option, because it is an essential in the closet, comfortable dresses to be in the office, not so close, because you will be in constant movement, neutral colored jumpsuits, a blazer that gives you more style to the look, preferably colors like: red, ocher, black, beige, brown, a large bag that fits everything and of course, very elegant and refined accessories.


She will always be the center of attention, definitely this type of mom steals looks, not only for her good taste, but also for wearing very glamorous outfits, she knows how to combine colors and textures. So if you have a fashion mom in your life, you can choose to give her: A leather jacket, a modern coat, sweaters with touches of glitter and sequins, dresses, accessories that stand out a lot, berets, she will be happy and pleased when she sees something different in your closet.

After this, do you know what to buy mom for her day? 😍

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