Every year, coinciding with the celebration of World Breast Cancer Day , hundreds of activities are organized to raise funds and make society aware, and, in particular, all women of the impact of this disease, and of the need to reinforce research.

But, although we have all heard about what the risk factors are, we do not always take preventive measures.

It has been shown that 20% of new cases of breast cancer are related to external factors, such as a sedentary lifestyle, excessive alcohol consumption, inadequate nutrition or excess body fat, so they could be preventable.

And it is known that 80% of cases that are detected and treated early can be cured.

According to Dr. Rafael Fábregas, consultant for Gynecology Oncology and Breast Cancer at Dexeus Women's Health, a list of 8 simple tips was drawn up that are useful for preventing breast cancer:

  1. Get regular check-ups. Annual mammograms are recommended starting at age 40.

  1. Explore your breasts once a month.
    You can do it any day, or after menstruation.

  1. Do physical exercise on a regular basis.
    For it to really have a preventive action, a minimum of four hours a week is recommended.
    The type of activity depends on each age, constitution and personal hobbies ( do something you like! ).

  1. Maintain the proper weight .
    Obesity is a very important risk factor for breast cancer. Circulating hormones are metabolized in fat and the result is the presence of tumor inducers.

  1. Follow a healthy diet .
    You can ask a nutritionist for advice or consult the pyramid of healthy eating.
    The Mediterranean diet is a good model to follow. In general, it is recommended that you provide quality protein, such as those contained in legumes and meat (preferably white) and fish, fresh fruit, nuts (preferably unroasted and without salt), vegetables and seasonal vegetables, carbohydrates of slow absorption (such as rice) and virgin olive oil.

  1. Reduce alcohol consumption.
    Alcohol causes an increase in fat and is toxic to the liver. Both reasons can increase the risk for breast cancer.

  1. Stay fit after menopause.
    It has been shown that at this stage regular physical exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer.

  1. Ask for genetic advice.
    If you have a family history or have had a benign tumor, you should consult an expert.

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