Like any accessory, handbags show our style and give information about us.

Surely a woman with a wallet in good condition will not give us the same impression as another who wears a wallet with cracks, or stains, which could denote little care for this accessory.

The bags for this season bring a striking touch to the outfits thanks to the most strident colors, including fuchsia, red, orange, turquoise and blue.

The metallic ones also shine, not only in the material, but also in appliqués such as studs.

Neutrals are also present, both in sober designs and in other alternatives that combine them with more vivid colors.


  • Personal style:

The image narrates who we are and if we choose a bag that does not respect our tastes, it is most likely that we will not use it often and it will simply take up space in the wardrobe.

The natural woman will surely prefer a rather sober, versatile bag in a neutral tone, while the chic woman will incorporate some current trend for this accessory.

  • Context:

Adapting to the environment and the time of day is essential to achieve a positive image.

We may be well-dressed for our body and color palette, but if we're wearing a late-night clutch at 10 in the morning, it's probably not for the best.

Using the bag for the specific context is part of the positive image that others will form of us.

  • Harmony:

The bag must complement the clothes you choose, so it must always be consistent with the outfit.

It is not necessary for the bag to be in tune with the shoes: this harmony can be achieved with different colors for the shoes and the bag, although of course, classic women will feel more comfortable combining them and this is not bad.

  • Size:

If you are short, choose small handbags, which will keep more balance and will not take center stage or make you look smaller.

Women between 1.61 and 1.70 meters will look better with medium bags and those who exceed 1.71 meters will have their best allies in larger bags.

  • Length:

The eyes are focused where the bag ends, so if, for example, we do not want to highlight the hip area too much, it will be better to opt for a shorter bag that does not end in this part of the body.

For those who want to dare to incorporate more colors or the trends and must-haves of the season, the bag is a highly recommended first step.

They will feel fashionable, but respecting their style and it is a partial change that is not as shocking as taking a direct risk.


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