For this year get out of your comfort zone and propose to make the trip of your life, these are the destinations that the stars have in store for us!


2018 will be like a rebirth for you, enjoy it with a trip alone to a tropical destination where you can reconnect with yourself. Think of a place with white sand beaches, fresh seafood and a lush tropical jungle to guarantee the best vacation of your life. An idea may be Vietnam.

What to bring?

A white blouse like this is not lost, you can use it both to go to the beach and for an adventure plan. And the backpack will be very helpful to have everything you need at hand.


2018 is the year to get out of your comfort zone.  So if there was ever a time to try something completely different, this is it. Delicious food, wine and a breathtaking view will be all you need. Therefore, the perfect getaway will be in the Greek islands. The picturesque destination is the best place to rest and enjoy a slower pace of life.

What to bring?

These pants are perfect for walks through the inspiring streets of Santorini and of course, some sunglasses to sit down to have a glass of wine at sunset.


It's time to go on an adventure and consider a trip that allows you to interact and relate to other people and cultures. Grab a dual language dictionary and make your reservations: the best adventure for you is in a faraway destination where you don't even speak the local language. Morocco, here we go ! 

What to bring?

A fresh fabric maxi dress is an excellent idea in addition to a pashmina to enter the sacred temples.


The upcoming eclipses will have a great influence on you in 2018, causing you to reconsider the true meaning of “home”. You will enjoy places that are familiar and home to you. A destination like San Juan de Puerto Rico is ideal.

What to bring?

Its colorful streets inspire us to wear cheerful clothes like this jogger with a tropical print and to complement it, a vibrant yellow polo shirt.


If you're already fine with self-expression, this year's eclipses will trigger this Leo attribute to the max. Choose an original, cheerful and festive destination. Satisfy your love of showmanship this year! Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is without a doubt the ideal destination for you. If you can't get to go now for Carnival, the capital of Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana beach may be the best option to close the year and receive 2019.

What to bring?

You will need a comfortable garment that is easy to take off because in one moment you can be having a caipirinha and in the blink of an eye sunbathing on one of its beaches.


We know you love organizing a well-thought-out to-do list, so destinations that can offer an attractive itinerary are ideal. Your ideal destination should bring together crafts, art and museums among other points of special interest that you can visit. The perfect place for this is Manchester. The cultural scene will allow you to maintain a fairly complete itinerary, from Warhol's sailing works in the glass-roofed Whitworth Gallery to live music at Salford Lad's, a club that has been around for 114 years.

What to bring?

Surely you will want to be at the style level of the English so it never hurts to pack a formal dress that will serve you to go to dinner or why not go dancing!


We know you enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things , so you won't find a better destination than Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island. You'll find stunning scenery year-round, from the vibrant lavender fields of Furano in the summer to the snow-capped mountains of Niseko in the winter.

What to bring?

This bag will match the beautiful landscapes, plus it will allow you to keep your most important things close at hand. And for the weather we recommend keeping warm, you will love this blazer.


A trip that inspires you to reevaluate your life will leave you ready to face the rest of the year completely renewed. That is why Iceland is your ideal destination. Forget the touristy Blue Lagoon and head south for the natural hot springs at Fluðir. This little-known town is known as "The Secret Lagoon," and locals have been visiting it since the 19th century. In the winter, you can enjoy the Northern Lights while you soak in the thermal pools. We can hardly think of a more invigorating experience.

What to bring?

For this trip you will need to be very warm, this sweater will keep you warm and gloves are key.


After two long years, Saturn, a planet that signifies limitations and challenges, has finally left your sign. This translates to a state of celebration and the need for a fun trip to celebrate your new maturity. Don't look for a superficial travel experience, but rather, an opportunity that sparks your curiosity and broadens your cultural horizons. Go on an adventure to New Orleans, one of the most vibrant cities in the United States. Mardi Gras is something every traveler should experience if they get the chance, but it's a must-see all year round - what could be better than street jazz, alfresco drinking and the fresh beignets of Cafe du Monde?

What to bring?

In this city, music and dance are breathed through all its streets, jeans and this blouse will allow you to be in movement.


"Responsibility" and "authority" will be the keywords for Capricorns this year. You may be feeling more serious than usual, so make sure to lighten your load and maintain work-life balance with a vacation now and then. Part of the lesson is learning to relax, so force yourself to let someone else organize the itinerary to take that burden off your shoulders. What you can do is suggest a destination: New York. Nothing can go wrong in a city like New York as the plethora of theaters, flea markets, walking tours and interesting neighborhoods will keep you busy.

What to bring?

Looking chic in New York is not an option, you have to be, yes or yes. This blazer will give personality to any of your outfits, and black pants are basic.


Just like your opposite sign Leo, you will also be under the rays of the eclipse this year. That's why We suggest you let go of the thoughts and habits that prevent you from enjoying yourself, especially with people who have different points of view than yours. Try going on a group tour with a tour operator or plan something that allows you to spend time with your friends. The ideal destination for a group vacation is in Montreal, Canada as you can find all kinds of activities to do together or separately if you need a break.

What to bring?

These accessories will be perfect for all your adventures.


When you're the sign that tends to absorb other people's energy, it's a good idea to unplug, even for just a moment. So what if you take advantage of your vacation period this year to go to the lower continent, to the “downunder” Australia. Traveling to a creative city by the water is the ideal distraction every Pisces needs: with open plains, graffiti-covered lanes and a captivating array of contemporary art galleries, Melbourne fits the bill. If you want to let it all out, dance the night away at The Toff In Town and The Carlton Club.

What to bring?

You need to be prepared to go from day to night, we love this option!



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