It often happens that when you go through department stores you see dresses that you love on the mannequin, but when you try them on, they don't fit the same or you don't like how they look on you.

Did you know that according to your body type you have to choose a dress cut?

Learn to get juice out of clothes depending on your body with these tricks.

Make your best choice!

Below we will show you the different types of bodies and the dress that best suits each case.

Triangular shape

This body aspect stands out for having hips wider than the shoulders, little bust, but a well-defined waist.

It is also identified by wide legs.

For this type of body, we recommend any dress that enhances the upper part, such as the yoke and empire cut, which will help you appear to have more bust.

Circular shape

If you have round shoulders, without so much waist and with volume in the abdomen area, your body is circular or apple.

In these cases the legs are also usually thin.

The recommendation is to wear empire type or straight cut dresses , which will prevent that area from being the center of attention.

hourglass shape

It is considered as the one with the most curves, since it has volume in the chest as well as well-defined hips and waist.

It is very feminine. If this is your body type, take advantage and wear any dress that draws the waist: they are the most favorable.

Rectangular shape

The shape of a rectangular body, which may or may not be well proportioned, is identified in the shoulders, waist and hips, which are usually straight and even.

Wear dresses with volume that create the illusion of curves such as dresses that have an A-line skirt.

Another option is the fit dress (they fit to the waist), but they detach a little from the body from the waist.

inverted triangle shape

The upper part is wider than the hips, with volume on the chest.

Here the most indicated are dresses with greater loose volume from the neckline .

They are known as A-line dresses.

Choose what makes you feel good

Always remember that the best change is the one that makes you feel confident with yourself, choosing the most comfortable dress.

Take advantage, search among the different dresses at Moixx and make your best choice.

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