Just like the black dress, the white blouses are the star garments of our outfits .

If you are a lover of white blouses and you usually combine them in almost all your looks, you probably need these tips to keep them in good condition .

White shirts have earned their space as the most versatile and practical garments in the women's wardrobe.

The million dollar question is:
How to do so that they are not wasted and are kept in perfect condition?

Here we leave you some homemade tips so you can take care of your white blouses.

1- It is recommended to wash them with cold water and iron them to remove wrinkles and factory odors.

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2- The way to wash them, like other garments, it is preferable to turn them over so that the visible fabric does not deteriorate, especially if it includes some initial or detail.

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3- If you want the cuffs and neck to always be neat, it is better to wash those areas by hand.

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4- It is recommended that you do not use products such as chlorine or very aggressive detergents, especially if they promise a long-lasting white, since they will spoil the fabrics sooner than you think.

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5- Among the home remedies to maintain the white and shine of the blouse is to put a lemon cut into slices inside a half in the washing machine.

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6- If the white shirt is very dirty you can give it a hot soapy water bath before putting it in the washing machine.

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7- If your blouse has long sleeves, wash it with the cuffs rolled up so they don't come out damaged, as well as unbuttoned.

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8- Finally, so that it does not have traces of the hooks, it is preferable that you use a hanger when drying and putting it in the closet.

In addition, to fasten the first button of the neck, since this will prevent it from wrinkling or malforming.

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Take these tips into account so that your white blouses look like new.


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