Get ready, because there are many movements on the horizon. And it is that the penultimate month of the year is full of unresolved issues and exciting challenges that could transform you in a radical way...

For a moment, you will put aside your most warrior side and you will be willing to dialogue and agree .

Take advantage of it to improve your relationships of all kinds.

  • Health. Good time to do a reset and review your habits.
  • Money. Possibility of reaching very positive agreements for your domestic economy.
  • Love. You will be more sensitive, open and communicative, and that will help you to advance positively in your love relationships.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

These weeks you have very good prospects in everything that comes from abroad or is related to abroad .

Maybe it's time to take a trip.

  • Health. Carry out activities that help you channel stress and accumulated fatigue.
  • Money. It is time to resume that matter that was stuck.
  • Love. If you are single and want to find love or strengthen your relationship, take a trip. Moving away from your environment will encourage love encounters.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

Little by little you will recover from all those problems that did not let you rest and you will begin to connect better with the people closest to you.

  • Health. As the month progresses, you will replenish your strength.
  • Money. You will have to take the lead in the negotiations you are conducting.
  • Love. You will feel a greater connection with the loved one. You will see very clearly what it brings to your life and how it benefits you.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

After some doubts and insecurities about your feelings, you will see things more clearly and you will be ready to fight for what you want.

  • Health. Thanks to the influence of the Sun, you will find the necessary energy to face your challenges.
  • Money. You will have the best opportunities in everything related to expanding your mental horizons.
  • Love. You will be overwhelmed by an irrepressible need to concentrate and dedicate yourself to the person you love. But prevent it from becoming control...

Your MOIXX item of the month:

Good month to launch projects and plans that help you fulfill yourself and improve your professional projection, but be careful with domestic relationships.

Danger of arguments...

  • Health. Sport or exercise will do you wonder to de-stress and disconnect.
  • Money. Towards the end of the month, it will be the right time to start planning.
  • Love. You run the risk of having conflicts or disagreements with family or loved ones. Before saying anything or confronting you, think about everything very well.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

You will spend the best moments in the company of the people you love the most.

It will fill you with good spirits and help you recover from the ups and downs that you have suffered lately.

  • Health. Little by little, you will recover from the ailments you have had lately.
  • Money. If you want to reach a goal, you will have no choice but to roll up your sleeves.
  • Love. Take advantage of these days to enjoy your home and have family gatherings or with friends. It will give you positive energy, and will strengthen your ties.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to reconcile with people close to you or recover relationships that had been parked in the memory drawer.

  • Health. Sooner or later you will have to make those changes that you so badly need.
  • Money. Even if there are delays, don't throw in the towel. Be patient.
  • Love. The good astral conjuncture will allow you to approach positions with relatives or loved ones from whom you had distanced yourself.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

There are certain issues that you will have to deal with sooner or later.

The things that are parked stop getting in the way momentarily, but they don't disappear...

  • Health. Be very careful with respiratory ailments and infectious diseases. Take good care of your defenses.
  • Money. Possibility of undertaking new projects that contribute to improving your financial outlook.
  • Love. Sooner or later you will have to face those issues that you have been avoiding for a long time. There is no use ignoring them. They will remain there until you solve them once.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

It is time to rethink many things , from your habits to your family relationships and without forgetting what you want to do with your future.

  • Health. Good time to make changes in habits that have a positive impact on your health and well-being.
  • Money. You will be very active and eager to undertake plans that can bring you personal gains.
  • Love. The influence of the deep and spiritual Neptune will make you value family relationships much more. Enjoy their beneficial company.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

You will be more sensitive and affectionate than usual and that will help you connect more easily with all the people around you.

  • Health. The first weeks you will have to watch if you do not want to catch colds and respiratory infections.
  • Money. Good prospects when it comes to progressing at work and thus improving your economic situation.
  • Love. The entrance of the loving Venus in your sign will make the most solid and lasting feelings come to the fore.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

Your social life will be more active than ever, take advantage of it to make contacts and have a good time with the people you love.

  • Health. Pressure and stress in the professional field can cause you to have migraines.
  • Money. You have to plan well what you want your financial goals to be.
  • Love. Excellent opportunities in social activities to spice up your relationship or make new and interesting contacts.

Your MOIXX item of the month:

This month many things will be stirred inside your heart .

If things don't work out, you'll be assailed by doubts and the urge to run away.

  • Health. Influenced by your planet, Neptune, you will be able to rest more and recover energy.
  • Money. If you have pending paperwork or bureaucratic issues, resolve them now.
  • Love. If you have a free heart or your relationship is not going through its best moment, you may feel attracted to someone close to you.

Your MOIXX item of the month:



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