Hello girls, how are you? Today I wanted to share a post with my favorite Moixx accessories. I have chosen several things and I hope you like them as much as I do.

To start with, I chose this burgundy necklace that is super boho and too perfect for this new season. There is no doubt that fringes are a MUST for summer.

The first thing that struck me when I went to the store was these cases that I thought I would use to store my makeup. I loved them because of the navy colors and I'm sure I'll be able to use them a lot now that summer is coming.

The next accessory I chose was these glasses that I loved because I belong to the classic RayBan model that looks good on EVERYONE! I tried them on and they really fascinated me.

Another thing that I loved was this wallet, especially for its pastel colors so cute and spring. I found it super practical, not so big and with the necessary space. In case you like it, there were also 2 more colors.

Costume jewelry is another of the things that I love about Moixx. This time I fell in love with this ring with a turquoise stone, I thought it was super cute to wear on sunny days.

Finally, the last thing I chose was this camel bag that I thought was beautiful and is definitely my favorite. It comes with an adjustable handle and two spacious compartments.

Ready girls, that was my selection of favorite accessories that Moixx currently has in store. I hope you like them very much. I write to you soon. Kiara.

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