Chokers have become those accessories that we cannot miss in our wardrobe ; thanks to its power to give a complete turn to our look and not make us go unnoticed.

Basically they are chokers of different thicknesses, made of different materials, such as velvet, metal, lace, embroidery, etc., which were very fashionable in the 90's and have been revived for a few seasons, promising to accompany us for a long time. more time.

The celebs have been in charge of creating different ways to use and combine them, filling us with inspiration for our looks.

Here are some tips to use them and always look regal:


The perfect match for summer is made by an off-shoulder garment + a choker. It is a safe combination and goes well with all types of chokers. Try a large pendant. You will surely not go unnoticed!


To make a difference, put together a set of necklaces, using a choker and chains of different levels. You will certainly surprise by your style and creativity. At Moixx you will find thousands of options to put together your set.


We can also find chokers with a wider thickness. Wear them with maxi necklines, unbuttoned blouses and in your evening looks. Tip: If you don't have one, try tying a ribbon or scarf.


Nowadays office looks are no longer so boring and we have the possibility of taking risks by trying new things. The easiest and safest way is to add accessories that give a 'twis' to our outfit such as the choker in a minimal version or more sophisticated with materials such as metal or chain.


And for those who still don't dare to wear this trend, there are chokers in their most minimalist version so as not to draw so much attention. You will find them thin, in soft colors, in a thin chain and many more designs. Tip: They are ideal for women with a short neck.

Find different chokers at MOIXX to create your best looks!

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