Lengthening your silhouette is easier than you think, it's not just about wearing heels, but also knowing how to combine your clothes and make the most of the cuts and designs to take advantage of all your centimeters.

Here are 7 tricks that will make you look taller and slimmer.

1. Contrasting colors

Use two colors that contrast considerably with each other. For example, neutral colors: white, black, gray and combine them at the top and bottom.

2. Total monochrome look

One of the best tricks for little girls. Use a single color throughout your look to seal the visual effect of height and a slimmer figure. Don't just stick with basic colors, dare to use vibrant colors that are on trend.

3. Vertical stripes

The best known tip of all. An extra tip is that the stripes follow the pattern of verticality and are extremely thin.

4. Different color ranges

If you don't like the idea of ​​monochrome, a look that has the same color in different ranges or shades will be the best option.

5. Mark the waist

Garments with a tight waist, such as safari jackets or trench coats , will make your body look much longer and will define your figure.

6. Show the instep

The more open the shoe is, the longer your legs will appear. Especially with nude or beige shoes in the same tone as your skin.

7. V-neckline

Wearing a top with a v-cut and a deep neckline will lengthen your silhouette. Try jackets or blouses with this cut.

We hope these tips have served you well and that you can put what you have learned into practice!


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