September has arrived and with it many surprises and opportunities to continue advancing towards your dreams. Let's see what your zodiac sign has in store for you this month!


You are beginning to find your place and you do not want to lose a second of the life you have now. This month is about evolving as a person. You will have to make very important decisions about your future. Go for it, Aries.

The full moon on September 20 is the sign in the sky that wants to let you know that it is time to close a chapter. To leave behind a stage of life and close in a big way, definitively, after this Moon many farewells and endings can come, but trust that they are necessary.

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This September it is not enough to give only 100%, you have to go further, you will not lack motivation. Now is when you have to use your organizational skills and make time for everything. This month promises, you'll see.

The Full Moon of September 20 wants to let you know that you are ready to launch that project or news on social networks. The same, marks a cycle that can help you surround yourself with women with a certain social presence and who have the ability to connect with groups that you are interested in reaching.

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This month you have to force yourself to be much more selective with the people around you and with whom you spend your time. Don't be so critical, especially with yourself. If you are in a very introspective moment, write down your ideas or vent with friends, do not keep it to yourself.

The Moon of September 20 can cause certain emotional tensions, especially between you and an authority figure such as your boss or your father, but it is time to free yourself from a situation and allow it to follow its natural course. It may not be up to you to intervene.

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Now is when you will realize that every effort has its reward and that everything comes. Although you have reached the goal, do not forget to keep fighting. Your empathy makes you feel like you can help everyone. But don't forget to prioritize yourself.

The Full Moon on September 20 will allow you to close a personal cycle that will leave you with a feeling of achievement and fulfillment. It is likely that in the days after this Moon, you will receive news or a message that allows you to reach a favorable conclusion, one that gives meaning to what you have experienced in the last six months.

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It's been a bit of a strange season for you, but this month everything is going to change, EVERYTHING. September comes with renewed energies to give you everything you deserve. Now you're just curious about what's going to happen. You feel like it and that makes you attract good things.

The Full Moon on September 20 is very positive because it announces the end of that process of metamorphosis that, consciously or unconsciously, you began to experience six months ago. The cocoon was broken and the changes have already occurred inside you, now it's up to you to shine them on the outside.

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This is your month, it's time to get your act together to make it clear who you are. Go back to the routine and organize yourself again. Learn to live in uncertainty, Virgo, you need to let yourself go. Stop for a second and look where you are, you have achieved it by yourself.

The Full Moon on September 20 is for you to complete a relationship. And by culmination I mean a closure, an end or a moment in which they achieve something that they have been working on together for six months. What does it depend on? The type of relationship, commitment and partner you are looking for and that you are ready to manifest.

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Thousands of incredible plans await you this month . You will do many things that you never imagined. You are going to stop worrying about things that are not worth it now , and you are going to force yourself to live in the moment without worrying about the future.

With the Full Moon of the 20th, a work cycle closes. It is the announcement by the universe that the time has come to complete a work project, prepare a launch, a closing or farewell in your workplace. But with him new opportunities open up. Get ready because this Moon is also going to change your routine or your lifestyle in the coming days.

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You have many things in your hands that are finally going to see the light, that are going to go out into the world and are going to make you shine. This month your emotions and your sensitivity are going to be one of the great protagonists and deep down, you will feel very comfortable.

The Full Moon on September 20 will allow you to close a cycle in a romance that has been showing you for six months that it is not really what you want or need. After this Moon, you will also begin to see the results of that project in which you have been putting your heart and all your creativity.

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A month full of returns to routine, new habits and a lot of work is here. A month with some emotional ups and downs, but don't be scared, from time to time a little introspection is good. Every thing that happens will teach you a lesson.

The Full Moon of the 20th can bring some emotional tension to your home or within your family. For some of you, this Moon marks a probable move or family separation, it is time for things to change within the dynamics of your home.

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It will be a very interesting and intense month , Capri, but don't be alarmed. You will simply have a lot of emotional issues to work out. You'll need to have multiple conversations if you really want to move forward.

The Full Moon on September 20 marks the end of a contract, agreement or negotiation. It is time to complete a project that has been part of your life for the last six months. You've learned what you should, and now you're ready to put your ideas and curiosity into something completely new.

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You have been super excited about your future for a long time, and what is to come, but it seems that the more you want, the more you resist. Take advantage of enjoying the journey, because later you will miss the life you have now.

The Full Moon of September 20 is the one you were waiting for to receive the harvest of all the efforts you have been making for six months, to improve your work situation, particularly your salary and the profits you obtain by marketing your talent, time, effort. and resources .

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This month, it's time to make decisions that you know can change your life completely. There is something or someone who is stealing that happiness that you had achieved. Don't let anyone separate you from your essence, or take you away from the people you love.

On September 20, we have a Full Moon in your sign, the event that you were waiting for culminations, answers and harvests this 2021. The days after this Moon will be the days in which you discover the status of all the plans and desires that you started close to your birthday. It is an ideal time to recalibrate the course your return to the Sun is taking.

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