If you think too much about putting together your looks or feel like you have nothing to wear while your closet is full of clothes, these tips are for you. We compiled some BASICS fashion formulas that will help you style your clothes and put them together creating a BOMB LOOK.

1. The magic of the third garment

This fashion rule has to do with adding a third garment to your basic looks, to give them more dimension, visual interest and, above all, personality. Regarding which third element to choose, the most common categories are:

- Jacket, blazer or coat

- Vests

- Accessories (hats, necklaces, bags, scarves)

2. The 2+1 rule

It consists of choosing two basic garments for your outfit, such as jeans and a top or blouse, and adding a statement garment, which will be the star garment of the look. This garment will attract attention due to its colour, design or texture.

3. Color repetition

Repeat the same color or shade at the top (top, coat, etc) and bottom of your outfit (shoes). This tip will give harmony to your look.

4. Use opposite textures

Mix opposite textures in the pieces of your looks. For example:

- hard fabric + soft fabric

- Matte + glossy

- Elastic + structured

5. Monochrome looks

Go for a total monochromatic look or similar tones. This tip is essential for you to look elegant, chic and fantastic.

Source: wtf.isfashion

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