A healthy self-esteem is essential because it promotes mood and general well-being. It gives you motivation and energy to achieve goals and overcome failures in a healthy way. Here are 10 tricks to improve self-esteem!

1. Place a post-it on the bathroom mirror with the phrase “I am enough” .

Every morning, read it and say it out loud five times, standing up, looking into your eyes, and taking a deep breath. "The more you repeat it to yourself, the more times you will get that idea presented to you, because beliefs are very ingrained."

2. Ask your people (friends, family, partner...) what are the best qualities they see in you and contrast them with what you see . "

3. Do not believe everything you think , because we invent our thoughts.

These are neither true nor false, but trying to stop them is very difficult. "You have to surf them, but you don't have to believe them."

4. Remember the person who in your childhood looked at you with the most love and loved you unconditionally. Ask yourself why they felt special to each other.

Place, in a usual place for you, an object that reminds you of that person or a photograph of him. "This will make you keep in mind what your values ​​are . "

5. Think about what others say about you and assume that it has to do with themselves, with their history and their fears.

That gives you perspective to walk away and not be impressed by the words of others. It is the difference between living in psychic equivalence or developing mentalization. "It's just a polarity, a projection of them. It's impossible to see something in others that isn't in you."

6. Make a list of your strengths and your points to improve. Learn to say no.

Place post-its around your house to remind you what you're good at. "And learn to say no . "

7. Talk to yourself as if you loved yourself . Listen to yourself, be aware and try to soften such negative language.

"There would be someone who could denounce us if we spoke to him in that way, with such ruthless criticism."

8. Before going to sleep, think about everything that has gone well throughout the day.

"It can be arriving at work on time, laughing with a colleague, eliminating the queue of pending emails, leaving on time and arriving at the gym, talking on the phone with a friend, etc."

9. Imitate or model someone you admire in something.

"Pretend…" As if you did something excellently. Imitate without complexes, model someone you admire It is also called modeling someone you admire in something. "When I ask in my practice for which person they would change 100%, nobody would want to do it . "

10. Give yourself time .  

Every day when you wake up, choose three everyday details to have with you with something that you love: shower with a special gel, buy the toothpaste that you like the most without taking into account the price, read, walk, take a bath... because that time recharge your batteries. "And treat yourself as if you were your own guest. You would never serve her a coffee in the oldest mug in the house, nor would you force her to drink it standing up looking at the washing machine. Look for beauty in the everyday."

Source: Cosmopolitan

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