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1. Aries

October Aries has arrived, and the truth is that, the New Moon in Libra on the 6th will somehow make you consider a new beginning. This time ago you have not "been at all" and it is time for this to change. You will have to start taking charge of your relationships and giving them the attention they deserve. In addition, you are very focused on resolving certain conflicts that have not even allowed you to rest well. Remember: everything has a solution.

You're going to make it Aries. This month you will start new things and you will ask yourself many questions like: how did I not realize before that I could like this? You will have the need to do new things, to find hobbies that make you feel good, feel full and complete. You have energy to stop a train, and you have to channel it and focus it.

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2. Taurus

Start the month of October Taurus, and despite everything you have on top, the month starts great. The truth is that you feel good about yourself, complete and above all super grateful for everything that has happened to you, even if it has been bad, even if it has cost you a lot to get out of something, even if you have broken in two. Well, until then, you'll be grateful. Because thanks to that, today you are here.

It's time to renew yourself, renew your wardrobe, renew your look and find a way to feel better about yourself. It will be good that you give a renewed air to your style.

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3. Gemini

October Gemini began and the truth is that, despite the fact that you feel that certain things may be missing (you will never be 100% satisfied), it could be said that you are beginning to feel comfortable, calm, with a certain peace. It is easy for you to project that tranquility outside as well and that is why, in the end, some problems begin to come to an end this month.

Professionally and professionally, things are going well. You are in a good moment, opportunities come and changes too. There may be ups and downs but in the end, especially when it comes to adapting to new situations, but it is true that, after the work you do, you will have a good reward.

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4. Cancer

October Cancer begins and the truth is that you start it with great desire, with great strength, with absolute positivity. It is a month that can be great for you but you also have to understand that you are a person with ups and downs, and one day you are up and another day down. Especially in certain emotional and existential issues.

If it is in your hands, try to take care of the health of those around you and not give them too much trouble. There are new job possibilities, but you will have to demand what you know is yours, Cancer. Don't let them walk all over you, don't let certain things go by that you know aren't fair.

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5. Leo

Honestly, Leo, this will be one of the best months of the year for you. There will be like a positive aura that will surround your entire personal and professional life. And the truth is that you are partly to blame for this. If Leo, in the end, when you get together with good and motivating people, your life becomes more of the same. You are a person who greatly absorbs the energies of others and this time, you are absorbing the good ones.

It is very likely that now you will try to do almost everything on your own. In the end, you know that's how things work out for the best. Although it is true that you will also seek approval from your closest people. Your family or best friends. Not from others.

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6. Virgo

Dear Virgo, a very good month is coming up for you and it shows in your attitude, in your way of seeing things, in your way of speaking, sharing, and acting. Honestly, everything you've done so far has been to "discard" Virgo, discard what you already knew had become entrenched in your life, what you were enduring almost out of sorrow more than anything else. And therefore, whether you like it or not, a whole new world of possibilities has opened up to you. And now comes the good part, now is the time to consolidate.

This month is perfect for you to let yourself go a little. Do not fear what comes, do not put on a shield in front of you to protect yourself from imaginary things that can happen. No, now you have to let yourself go a little. Of course, all those possibilities that go through your head could be real at some point, that's for sure. But they are based on such a small percentage that it could even be almost fictitious.

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7. Pound

You are going to start the month strong Libra, you really want to change your approach and your personal plans and you will be open to anything new that comes along. This month, for you, is super important for achieving your goals and objectives. You will take care of yourself and get away from certain situations that you know are a burden on your life. Even if it hurts.

It is possible that throughout the month you have the need to create Libra, to do new things that last, to look for something different, something that gives you some motivation. It is a month in which you probably have a lot of dreams, a lot of sights, a lot of desire and that will be what in the end motivates you to achieve everything.
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8. Scorpio

October Scorpio begins, and although it is not a pleasant month for everyone, it is a month in which the force somehow reaches you. And believe me, more than ever. In general terms, October will be a good month. Honestly, it's about time. Best of all, you will feel super satisfied in all or almost all aspects of your life. Including the love It may be that this time things have not gone as you really expected, but this will be the month in which you will begin to reap fruits. Super important news will arrive regarding your professional life and no, you will not hesitate to grab any opportunity that comes along. It is very likely that you feel that you have great and strong support with someone close to you. At other times, you would have sent him flying. Now, you feel that person fits you to the end. And you finally understand that you have to have a little patience and that relationships, whatever they are, also face some struggles from time to time.

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9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius progress arrives, finally. Things as they are, lately you seemed a bit stuck with certain things, as if you weren't evolving, as if you were "stuck" in one place and it was really impossible to walk forwards and backwards. And that was frustrating you very, very much. But that's it. This month things change. A conversation or a trip has changed something in you. It is possible that you no longer want to lead the life you led before and that, in some way, you now see yourself capable of changing everything.

It is very likely that this month you have something at stake related to a promotion or a trip or an important change related to your professional and work life. Do what you have to do and don't put obstacles in your way, Sagi. Sometimes, it is difficult for you to take those first steps, but later, everything flows.
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10. Capricorn

You have to organize your time this month Capri. Your time and your money. Some financial problems may arise but in reality, it will not take long to solve. It is true that, although at times it may seem too complicated, everything will end up prospering and if there are people at your work or even in the studios that you dislike right now or do not treat you as you really know you deserve, they will end up getting what they deserve. . Sooner or later everything will fall into place Capri. And your professional relationships will improve a lot.

Perhaps you demand too much at times. But now, it's fine. Don't be taken as someone who conforms. Because that will no longer be the case.
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11. Aquarius

Come on Aquarius, a new month begins and the truth is that it can be very rewarding but it is true that it may also be a month in which you will have a certain weakness. All the work you have done, without a doubt, will bear fruit very soon but you have always known it, for you success is doing things right from the beginning and the prize you get for this is the result of your success and not reverse.

It is possible that you are too busy with your work and professional issues. Even if you are studying. And because of that, you may also neglect certain people. Or at the very least, those people might feel a little bad about being left behind. But you are there to solve whatever is needed, although at first, they call your attention a little. You prefer that they tell you that they shut up and keep it to themselves.
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12. Pisces

A new Pisces month begins and the truth is that it is going to be a bit hectic, come on, you are going to have everything. Good and not so good things that in the end, will leave you with lessons. It is good that this month you are a little careful, especially because you can spend more than necessary, or perhaps invest in certain things that you should not. It is clear that you know where you have to go but it is also true that as you move forward, you are encountering many complicated obstacles. The family environment may be a bit shady during the month. And maybe not so much the direct one but the indirect one, Pisces.

With regard to work, it is likely that at the beginning of the month, everything seems too prosperous. Okay, in the end, you're reaping rewards. But it's also true that you know you're not trying hard enough. And surely because you have moments of stress and depression in which you think that you are not as valid as you thought and you fall apart. Don't scratch yourself so much with the bad Pisces days. Sometimes you make a mountain out of a grain of sand, and that's what's really worrying. Don't ruin what you've already been through just because you've had a tough day. Everything can be straightened, even the most crooked.
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